The Vision of AEYC of New York State:

  • All children in New York State have access to high quality early care and education programs with sufficient resources to meet children’s physical, educational, and social/emotional needs in environments that support diversity.
  • All individuals working in the early care and education profession are well educated, receive equitable compensation, and support in their continuing professional development.
  • All New York State families have access to affordable, high quality early care and education programs in which they actively participate.

Higher Education in Western New York plays a significant role in support of the Vision of the Association for the Education of Young Children of New York State. Providing excellence in preparatory programs for early childhood educators, higher education faculty transition students to the field though programs of study grounded in theory, practice and professional development opportunities.  As collaborators with AEYC college students have access to professional development opportunities and the Board of AEYC benefits from a continuous stream of current research impacting advocacy for young children, improvement of programs and strengthening of leadership in programs serving young children.

Daemen College, Canisius College, Buffalo and Fredonia State Colleges, the State University at Buffalo, Erie Community College and Niagara Community College offer programs in Early Childhood Education.

Interested in a career in Early Childhood Education? Listed below are the colleges and universities that offer programs in Early Childhood Education, along with contact information in that department.

Daemen College
Dr. Mary Fox
Phone: (716) 839-8352

Canisius College
Dr. Nicki Calabrese
Phone: (716) 888-3722

Fredonia State College
Dr. Mira Berkley
Phone: (716) 673-3311

Buffalo State College
Kate Dust

Empire State College

State University at Buffalo

Erie Community College
Patricia Kemp
Phone:(716) 851-1153

Niagara Community College

Niagara University
Dr. Mary Ellen Beardsley
Phone: (716) 286-8695